marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Interview with Miladyfashion..

Hi guys i'm ashely-lova .. ella :D :X .. Today we have a interview wiith Miladyfashion .. a very popular medoll on stardoll

Interview with Miladyfashion

Fashi0n Paparazzi: What means for you COVERGIRL?
Miladyfashion: mmm i’m so exciting .. covergirl is always been my dream ..
And i couldn’t imagine to can win one day.

Fashi0n Paparazzi: How many you tried to be COVERGIRL?
Miladyfashion:I tryied to win COVERGIRL 8 times .. and i’m always been in
In top 5.

Fashi0n Paparazzi: If yo have been COVERGIRL .. wich would be the first
Thing you do?
Miladyfashion: scream like an idiot .. scream scream screan ..afyer no no.

Fashi0n Paparazzi: Which one of your BFF .. have helped you in your desire

Miladyfashion: _anto_ the most .. but also enxhantixgirl.

Fashi0n Paparazzi: Ok .. understant that .. _anto_ is your BFF?
Miladyfashion: no, .. emchantixgirl is my best firend .. but _anto_0 is my
BFF boy J

Fashi0n Paparazzi: Ok .. thanks you a lot for you want answer at my question .. and we hope and want you been COVERGIRL. Good Lucky
Miladyfashion: oh oh oh .. thanks a lot

And for we readers .. don’t forgot.. Fashion fades, style is forever....