vineri, 16 aprilie 2010

Pick Your Favourite Celeb BFF!

Taylor Swift - the artist
Demi Lovato - the bubbly girl
Taylor Momsen - the rock chick
Kim Kardashian - the lady
Kelly Osbourne - the funky friend
Rihanna - the edgy girl
Audrina Patridge - the party girl
Selena Gomez - the sweet girl
Lauren Conrad - the cool girl
Kate Moss - the fashionista
Katy Perry - the funny girl
Lady Gaga - the crazy girl
Whitney Port - the smart girl
Blake Lively - the golden girl
Miley Cyrus - the funny girl
Paris Hilton - the heiress

Make like Paris Hilton and choose who you would want most as your celebrity best friend! The sweet and cute Selena Gomez or rock chick Taylor Momsen? A fashionista like Kate Moss orWhitney Port? A party girl like Audrina Patridge or a crazy one like Lady Gaga? You decide!